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Babson College in MBA Chile by Juan Pablo Garcia Mardones

The MBA Chile is an association, formed by Chilean MBA students, that holds an annual meeting in which Chilean MBA students around the US gather to talk about their experiences, discuss the challenges that Chile is facing, and how they can contribute to that mission. Entrepreneurs, CEOs, politicians and opinion leaders participate in this conference, enriching the discussion and networking with the students and their families. MBA Chile 2017 was held on the April 7th, 8th and 9th at Duke University, Durham.

When I came to Babson to the One Year MBA Program, I knew I wanted to participate in this conference, and in a certain way, bring to MBA Chile the Babson entrepreneurship style and experiential learning that we are so proud of. Besides promoting this conference among our Chilean classmates, I contacted Fernando Fischmann, Chilean entrepreneur and founder of the concept and technology “Crystal Lagoons” (a cutting-edge innovation that develops and manages pristine lagoons in different parts of the world at very low costs and in a sustainable way) to be keynote speaker of the conference and share with us his story and future challenges.

The conference was a real success! We had a very good time and I am sure that Babson, through the Chilean delegation of 4 students that attended the conference, had a strong presence among the 18 universities that participated in the conference. Important innovators and business men, such as Fernando Fischmann, who is strongly connected with Babson, reminded us that what we are learning in our MBA is a set of tools that with perseverance and resilience can be transformed into opportunities that can change our personal and professional lives.

– Juan Pablo Garcia Mardones