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Congrats 2017 B.E.T.A. Challenge Finalists!

The Blank Center is pleased to announce the 2017 B.E.T.A. Challenge finalists. Meet the entrepreneurs on Thursday, April 13 in Olin 120! Register now >>

1pm: Undergraduate Challenge
DetraPel (David Zamarin ‘20, Jacob Heller ‘20, Ali Eldessouky and Larry Ng ’20)
Vinci (Eagle Wu ’19)
Womentum (Prabha Dublish ’18 and Derek Tu ’18)

2:30pm: Graduate Challenge
DropZone For Veterans (Courtney Wilson MBA’17)
Tangkor Yak Dairy Cooperative (Renzhentaxi MBA’17 and Eduardo Rojas MBA’17)
TORq Interface, LLC (Joanna Geisinger MBA’17, Prashant Mohan MBA’17 and Ciro Mosqueira MBA’17)

3:45pm: Alumni Challenge
botkeeper (Enrico Palmerino ’11)
GEMS Corporation (Annie Feldman MBA’16, Andrew Schwartz, Jeffrey Lipton and Ted Liao)
SkilRoute (Raghav Badiger MBA’10)

Thank you to our sponsors of this year’s B.E.T.A. Challenge, the Babson Alumni Association, Samuel Goldstein & Co., P.C. CPAs (gold sponsors) and Morgan Lewis (silver sponsor).

See you on  Thursday, April 13 in Olin 120! Hashtag for the event is #babsonbeta (follow us on Twitter and Instagram!)