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It Is a Long Battle!

Lu Jiang, Co-founder of UPrime

The following post is from Lu Jiang MBA’17, co-founder of UPrime, a spring 2017 hatchery business. UPrime is an educational institution that provides comprehensive and professional interpersonal skill training services for middle and high school students.

Young entrepreneurs have passion that they hope they can throw all their energy into the tasks until they reach the goal. However, starting a business is always a long battle and we need to know how to survive. Recently I heard from one of my friends that they are kind of distressed that their team cannot come up with anything useful during meeting; he thought the meeting was inefficient. What I told my friend at that time is, “it is a long battle, and you need to prepare for it.”

My team is creating games for young entrepreneurs to learn basic business knowledge by combining skills such as resource control and strategic planning with the practice of soft skills, such as communication, self-discipline, etc. Our team of three all love the education industry and would like to make a change to it. However, things will never go on with our ideals. We have down nights when we cannot come up with anything for five hours. It is important for three of us to understand that it is not inefficient. Great ideas always come out from nowhere and at anytime. All three of us focus on what we can offer as much as possible to the team during a meeting instead of trying to dream about coming up with something super great. It is a long battle for us and as a team, a positive environment is important. We encourage each other whenever we have a tough day and move on with our life.

Ideas will come if all members are devote to the business. The three of us at UPrime all believe in it.