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Be Intentional

Daniel Brassloff ’20, Founder of Uncontained

The following post is from Daniel Brassloff ’20, founder of Uncontained LLC., a spring 2017 hatchery business.

Many entrepreneurs are passionate about moving to the next step, and constantly being able to show proof of concept throughout their endeavors. I myself realize I’ve made a habit of showing growth even if through minute details throughout iterating and prototyping. However, many times individuals get so caught up in showing progress that they forget to ask why they are doing what they’re doing or see the ultimate goal they have in mind.

I started my venture with the goal to combine convenience and sustainability in the instant food market, and for a while I found myself making steps and taking actions that did everything but create my finalized product. I applied to many competitions, created many executive summaries, and networked with tons of individuals in different spaces, all the while forgetting the one need for myself and my co-founders to test out recipes and show we have what it takes to make our goals a reality. That is why I have made it a habit to be intentional in my actions and sacrifice short-term success for long-term potential.

These past few months, my companies has made strides in testing and finalizing recipes, finally finding the suppliers we need and have the ability to work with, and connected with professionals that hold the tools to make us what we hope to be (a company that de-stigmatizes and revitalizes the instant food and drink industry for the better). Though we may have a long way to go, and we may not be able to launch for another few months, I’m confident that being deliberate and constantly questioning intentions is the only way for startups to stop doing action and start making action.