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Spring 2017 Hatchery Businesses

Babson Hatchery

As part of the Butler Venture Accelerator, the Blank Center awards about a dozen entrepreneurs each semester with access to professional and semiprivate workspace to grow their ventures. The undergraduate and graduate hatcheries provide a vibrant atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and information amongst student entrepreneurs.

Read more about the spring 2017 hatchery businesses:

Graduate Businesses

DropZone for Veterans (Courtney Wilson MBA’17)
DropZone For Veterans is an online aggregator of veteran opportunities, that connects members of the military community with personalized, high-impact veteran resources.

Hangout (Sean O’Neill MBA’18)
Making hangovers history, one shot at a time.

LEAP Hemp Company (Shreyans Kokra MS ’17, Shikha Shah MS’17 and Rachita Garg MS’17)
Our aim is to make hemp the go to fabric for everything from socks to bedsheets to designer clothing.

Newton Tree Capital (David Mungai MBA’17 and John Leekley MBA’17)
Newton Tree Capital is a search fund that is looking for an established and successful small business to acquire and operate.

Sea ‘Hi’ Education (Jiaxin (Jesse) Hong MBA’17 and Lu Jiang MBA’17)
SeaHi is an educational institution that provides comprehensive and professional interpersonal skill training services for middle and high school students.

Wanku – Healthy Tradition (Juan Giraldo MBA’18)
WANKU is an ancestral and refreshing herbal infusion made out of more than 20 medicinal herbs and aromatic flowers from the Andes. WANKU sources 100% organic ingredients directly from Andean smallholder farmers at fair trade prices.

Undergraduate Businesses

Briggs Original Inc. (Charles Morris ’19)
Briggs Original Inc. has created the worlds first all-natural, gluten-free, spiked sparkling water made with real New England Cranberry. The company will be launching its first product, Boston Cranberry, in Boston, in the Spring of 2017.

Jinn LLC (Arjun Bhatnagar ’18 and Waseem Shabout ’19)
JinnTech is a software, marketing, and design service that delivers crazy projects on even crazier timelines. We are a team of business minded, product driven individuals with years of experience as developers and designers. Learn more and get a quote within 24 hours at

Lula Technologies, Inc. (Matthew Vega-Sanz ’19 and Michael Vega-Sanz ’19)
Launching in Spring 2017, Lula is the only peer-to-peer car sharing platform for college students, and separates itself from competitors by eliminating the need for a sign up fee, annual or monthly commitment, and only requires the driver to pay for the time they are in possession of the car.

Roko Design & Apparel Co. (Jack Rokous ’19)
Roko is a hand designed apparel company.

Uncontained LLC. (Daniel Brassloff ’20 and Rumeer Keshwani ’20)
Uncontained LLC aims to combat material and energy waste created from selling instant foods and beverages through the use of self-contained pods.

ZAVR Men (Hariharan Maheshwaran ’18, Harshit Garg ’19 and Pranay Kothari ’19)
We are redefining the modern gentleman by designing minimal, modern accessories that effortlessly complement a well-dressed attired for any occasion, embodying the lifestyle of the modern gentleman.