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#How2Tuesday: How to Divide Equity

How 2 Divide Equity

We’re thrilled for our first #How2Tuesday of 2017! Tuesday, February 14 at 5pm in Luksic 101: How 2 Divide Equity with Professor Les Charm, Senior Lecturer of Entrepreneurship! Not sure how to divide equity with your founders? Join us for an interactive workshop with Professor Les Charm on Tuesday, February 14 at 5pm in Luksic 101 (new location!) to find out what you should be thinking about!

Les Charm

About Les Charm
Professor Charm has been a partner in the firm of Youngman & Charm since 1972. The firm specializes in directorship functions for firms owned and operated by entrepreneurs and in assisting companies that are experiencing operating and/or financial problems. Youngman & Charm has operated in a variety of industries, channels of distribution, and has been involved in many successful financings and acquisitions and mergers.

From 1977 through 1990, Professor Charm was chairman and president of a major distributor and specialty retail chain. He has been active in other specialty marketing companies, and served as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Franchise Association. He was a director of the National Association of Corporate Directors-New England. He currently is on the board of several firms where he generally sits as the lead director.

Professor Charm has taught throughout the world on a variety of topics regarding entrepreneurship and governance. He is on the President’s Council at Babson, and is the recipient of the Appel Award for Entrepreneurship.​

See you on Tuesday, February 14 at 5pm in Luksic 101 (new location!)

What are #How2Tuesdays?:
Want to learn something really practical to get your startup moving in the right direction? #How2Tuesdays are short, workshop style sessions meant to bring you very specific, user friendly instruction on some of the most important things you need to know how to do for your venture. Every Tuesday at 5pm in the Blank Center!