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Blank in Boston: Fintech from a Founder’s Perspective

The following post is from Ali Pincus Jacobs, a Blank Center team member.

Are you interested in the intersection of finance and technology? You have likely been hearing a lot of buzz around Fintech. It is a sector that is set to attract global investment of over $150 Billion within the next 3-5 years and has already proven to disrupt traditional financial services models. Entrepreneurs founding companies in this sector today are on the forefront of new technologies and products but are also facing a complicated regulatory environment that is has not always caught up to the pace of innovation.

Join us on February 9th at Babson Boston to hear fintech startup founders discuss the industry, their experience launching their companies, how they have attracted funding and the unique challenges that come when operating in finance. From personal finance to cryptocurrency to home mortgages – the panelists will cover a wide variety of Fintech related topics.

Speakers include: 

Patrick Boyaggi, Founder & CEO, RateGravity
Sarah Lehnert, Founder & CEO, Lara
Shereen Shermack, Founder, Good Growth Capital
Joe Zhou, Founder & CEO, Firstblood

See you at Babson’s Boston campus on Thursday, February 9! Registration starts at 5:30pm, event starts at 6pm.