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The Start-Up Checklist

The following checklist is from Courtney Wilson MBA’17, founder of DropZone for Veterans, a fall 2016 hatchery business.

Courtney Wilson MBA'17, founder of Dropzone for Veterans

Courtney Wilson MBA’17, founder of Dropzone for Veterans

Below is The Start-Up Checklist that I created: standardizing routine operations maximizes efficiency.

Getting Started

  • Register Website Domain
  • Install Google Analytics on Website
  • Register Company E-Mail Address
    • Install Boomerang
    • Install Rapportive
    • Install Calendly
  • Create MailChimp Account
  • Register Social Media Handles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)
  • Create HootSuite Account
  • Install E-Mail Signature w/ Social Media Handles

Managing Operations

  • Enroll in a CRM
  • Automate Integrations with Zapier


  • Create Separate Checking Account for Business Expenses
  • Get a Credit Card to be used solely for business expenses
  • Use this payment method for all business account billing
  • Set Up QuickBooks Account

Networking & Media

  • Take a professional headshot
  • Scrub and Update LinkedIn Profile
  • Sign Up For

Must Have Templates

  • Spreadsheets
    • Usernames & passwords
    • Banking Information: Routing, Account, Credit Card #, CVC & Expiration
    • Expense Tracker: Name, Date, Amount, Reason
  • E-Mail
    • Company Description
    • Follow Up E-mail
  • Pitch Deck
  • Executive Summary