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Team First

The following post is from Brian Kelley ’18 , founder of Kanga Trash & Energy Systems, a fall 2016 hatchery business.

Brian Kelley ’18 , Founder of Kanga Trash & Energy Systems

Brian Kelley ’18 , Founder of Kanga Trash & Energy Systems

Former Hall of Fame UCLA basketball coach and educator John Wooden always valued teamwork from his squads. Some of his best teams in fact were the ones that featured no selfish players. Everyone was for the team’s greater good. One of my favorite quotes from coach is “the main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.” There were always elite players on Wooden’s championship teams during the 1960s, but it was truly the entire group that carried UCLA to the top of the college basketball pyramid.

Each player was significant and contributed to the team. The same philosopher can be attributed to any organization, club, or start-up. It is important for each team member to feel important and know they are working for something greater than themselves. That is why a clear, greater goal needs to be set for the entire team. By working towards a common long term goal, team members can remain focused on accomplishing tasks together.

A team stacked with individuals who have different skill sets is a great start. When a team features many different skill sets, it easier to divide labor so each member can contribute according to their strengths. Also, it gives every member of the team a feeling of importance. Finally, filling a team like this encourages diversity in perspective.