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Update on Carewell

Carewell Team

Carewell Team

The following post is from Jonathan Mleczko ’17 & Lexi Smith, co-founders of Carewell, a fall 2016 hatchery business.

Since Carewell’s first blog post we have released a newer, but not yet complete, version of Carewell to our wait list of users. It seems that our target audience, caregivers aged 50+, desire a more complete product that holds simplicity as a core value. What we have been offering is the Carewell platform that is incrementally improved each time but is not just yet the “full package” an older demographic desires.

A completed product requires time, something entrepreneurs seem to constantly battle against. Nonetheless, our team believes that moving quickly and releasing the Carewell platform sooner rather than later provides us with necessary feedback to push the platform to the next level. Moving forward, finding a balance between progress and efficiency will be challenging but necessary. We’ll be going back to the drawing board to further break down problems relevant to caregivers and reassess where the greatest value-add may be.