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Multicultural Festival

This post was written by undergraduate student, Jose Damasceno, as part of an FYS assignment…

When I went to the Multicultural Festival last week, I was surprised to see how diverse our college is. Although Babson is proud of such diversity, only after the festival had I realized that I have had superficial contact with this diversity. For instance, I have never met students from Greece. At the festival, I found that they are not only very well-represented, but also very proactive on the campus. Besides the Greek community, I had contact with people from several countriblog-braziles of Latin America and of Asian, expanding my vision on how diverse Babson actually is.

Moreover, I had the opportunity to represent my own country and the Brazilian Association, sharing with Babson Students our background and our culture in a
unique way. I presented some projects and activities of the Brazilian Association and had the chance to invite people to attend at them.

I also had contact with several other organizations that represent different nationalities on the campus and their activities throughout the year. It was interesting to discover that international students are not only a huge part of the student body, but also an important component of the Babson community. Furthermore, I became instigated to be more active on campus. By having contact with those clubs, I became excited to go to their events, learn new languages and even integrate new groups. Their activities are great and I am very excited to participate in several of them after the festival!