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Fall 2016 Hatchery Businesses

Babson Hatchery

Babson Hatchery

As part of the Butler Venture Accelerator, the Blank Center awards about a dozen entrepreneurs each semester with access to professional and semiprivate workspace to grow their ventures. The undergraduate and graduate hatcheries provide a vibrant atmosphere conducive to sharing ideas and information amongst student entrepreneurs.

Read more about the fall 2016 hatchery businesses:


Graduate Businesses

BabyDeal (Shruti Jadhav MBA’18)
An online platform that helps new parents plan smart for their baby. They can find the best deals on baby products, trade gently used items with other subscribers, get advice and reach out to other parents and be a part of a supportive community.

DropZone for Veterans (Courtney Wilson MBA’17)
We connect military veterans and the businesses that want to support them through an online, customizable directory of over 50,000 veteran benefits.

Hangout (Sean O’Neill MBA’18)
We are making hangovers a thing of the past with Hang-Out, a simple shot sized beverage that can save you from a world of hurt in the morning.

Meldtrend (Mohit Juneja MBA’18)
MeldTrend automates meeting minutes by recording the conversation under consent, using licensed speech recognition software and summarizing the text to a short and concise email. Furthermore, using actionable data analytics and predictive modeling tools, the summarized conversation predicts action items for the subsequent meeting. This significantly improves meeting productivity and helps synthesize plentiful information in variety of settings.

Runner’s Convoy (Aakant Taurani MBA’17 and Kanei Kaku MBA’17)
Runner’s Convoy is a service for road race event hosts to offer to their race participants. Runner’s Convoy analyzes runner form and provides feedback to the runners.

Verrocon (Kunal Kumar MBA’18 and Nischal Bondalapati MBA’18)
Wearable wrist band for effective networking.

Undergraduate Businesses

Briggs Original Inc. (Michael Kurson ’18)
Briggs Original Inc. has created the worlds first all-natural, gluten-free, spiked sparkling water made with real New England Cranberry. The company will be launching its first product, Boston Cranberry, in Boston, in the Spring of 2017.

Carewell (Jonathon Mleczko ’17 and Lexi Smith)
Carewell is a platform for caregivers that uses artificial intelligence to help caregivers manage the daily ups and downs of caregiving.

DetraPel (David Zamarin ’20)
DetraPel is a super hydrophobic liquid repelling solution that utilizes nanotechnology to repel any liquid based substances from any fabric for up to a whole year and is EPA Compliant, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Kanga Trash Solutions (Brian Kelley ’18)
Kanga Trash Solutions LLC provides stadiums with trash bags that are held by an attachment under stadium seats, allowing fans to easily to dispose their trash without leaving it on the ground.

Lula Technologies, Inc. (Matthew Vega-Sanz ’19 and Michael Vega-Sanz ’19)
Launching in Spring 2017, Lula is the only peer-to-peer car sharing platform for college students, and separates itself from competitors by eliminating the need for a sign up fee, annual or monthly commitment, and only requires the driver to pay for the time they are in possession of the car.

MotivateLabs (Arjun Bhatnagar ’18, Harsha Atluri ’18 and Ryan Elcock ’18)
MotivateLabs provides consumers with a kit aimed at helping individuals achieve goals by combining one’s desire for destruction with one’s desire for accomplishment.

Revive Hemp Foods (Trevor Grode ’19, Ryan Beaton ’19, Charles Morris ’19 and Alex Wagner ’19)
Revive Hemp Foods manufactures and distributes gluten-free, protein-rich products and ingredients to restaurants and retail stores.