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Student Showcase Recap

The following post is from Fifi Shi ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member.

“What should I do for the summer? Should I apply for a summer internship? Should I go for a big corporation?…”

2016 Student Showcase

2016 Student Showcase

Many students try to get in big firms for their summer internship, either for the name or for the feeling that they can learn more in a big firm. However, more and more students are participating in other experiences to grow both personally and professionally.

The Student Showcase was  hosted by the Blank Center, Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD), and the Weissman Scholarships Program a couple weeks ago. This event in Hollister Lobby showcased all types of summer experiences that Babson undergraduates participated in, from volunteering, traveling and working on a startup.

Some of the participants I spoke to included:

Anthony Krichevskiy’19, a Weissman scholar, worked on his project of examining and drawing parallels between arts and architecture. He spent five weeks in Amsterdam, Paris, London and Spain, visiting museums and churches. During his trip to Europe, he also got chances to connect with local Babson students and alumni.

Alyssa Reisner’17 chose to spend her summer as a content marketing intern in a small-size company. Hint, the company she have been working for, drives for providing tasty and healthy water to its customers. Familiar with company’s marketing strategies, Alyssa was able to create marketing materials, such as social media posts and short videos, which help the company to have more exposure to the public. Even though the summer internship is ended, she is still working for the company and promoting hint in her spare time.

Other participants included:

All the participants had their own unique summer experience, but there was one thing in common – they did what they were passionate about. No matter what you are planning for your next summer, remember that working on something that really interests you will never go wrong.