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Summer Venture Showcase Wellesley Recap

The 2016 Summer Venture Showcase in Wellesley was a success! Each team took the stage by storm after a week of intensive preparation. Over 250 attendees, consisting of investors and the local community, gathered to watch the 15 teams present their progress. Before and after the presentations, they interacted with the entrepreneurs at their meticulously assembled booths. The table decorations were colorful and engaging- the companies knew how important it was for the booths to “speak for themselves,” since team members were not always nearby to explain the business.

The week leading up to Showcase, advisors at the Babson Speech Center joined our practice sessions and worked individually with each business. Their help was invaluable, from going through each pitch to helping the presenters maintain calmness and confidence. The Speech Center helped transform the presentations from simply memorization of a script into an engaging conversation with the audience. They also encouraged frequent practice, which certainly paid off. By the day of Showcase, each team had perfected their slides, nonverbals, and wording.

Before the presentations commenced, Executive Director of the Blank Center Debi Kleiman gave opening remarks and welcomed the audience. Then, Jeff Schiebe and Stephen Brand, co-directors of the Program, spoke about their experience working with this year’s teams. Afterward, the pitches began!

Busy Beauty, previously known as LIXA, unveiled a new brand for their water-free shave gel. Hostel Point explained how they are simplifying booking and creating social networks for individual hostels. DropZone showed how much easier their product will make it for military veterans to connect with thousands of opportunities. Torq Interface introduced an app that allows device representatives to see surgical schedules across various hospitals, updated in real time. Lucky Ly, a multi-level marketing company, communicated its goal of providing financial flexibility to millennial Mexican women via enabling them to create their own jewelry businesses. Altus discussed the quickly-growing marijuana industry and what sets their cannabis-powered beverage apart. BarnManager illustrated how their software will streamline the responsibilities of horse stable workers. Cleancult shared how their non-toxic laundry detergent is more powerful than green brands but less toxic than leading conventional brands.

After a quick break, Think Board kicked off the presentations by encouraging the audience to place their clear dry-erase film in classrooms and around the home in order to encourage creativity. Next, Raised Right assured pet owners that their pet food company is the safest and most nutritionally-balanced on the market. The team behind Teplo smart bottles demonstrated how their tea makers provide the best experience. Dkora Box announced that their personalized home essentials and décor website is now live. Clubes de Ciencia discussed the absence of interactive science education in Latin America and how their nonprofit is addressing this need. Rapidocc described the current lack of organization for after-hours medical calls and their software’s innovative solution. Finally, Melanites presented their line of toys and storybooks featuring characters of diverse ethnic backgrounds and interests. Dr. Candida Brush, professor and Franklin W. Olin Chair in Entrepreneurship, presented closing remarks.

We would like to thank Summer Venture Program sponsors Samuel Goldstein & Co, PC, and Pierce Atwood LLP for making this 10-week program possible, and everyone who came to our Showcase. The entrepreneurial community at Babson and in the Boston area is incredibly supportive and vital to the Summer Venture teams’ success. We hope to see you at Showcase next year!