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Summer Venture Program Improv!

Larry Coen at Summer Venture Program

Larry Coen at Summer Venture Program

Larry Coen, an instructor at Babson’s Sorenson Center for the Arts, conducted an interactive workshop  to teach the Summer Venture Program cohort how to apply improvisational techniques to their professional development. Improvisation (or “improv”) is the art of saying yes. That’s the rule. This rule contrasts many real-life situations in which we deflate interactions by responding “no.” Although in reality no entrepreneur would always say “yes,” practicing improv helps them become flexible and reactive to any information presented. In a professional setting, this is a very valuable skill.

Another guideline of improv is that being clear is better than being clever. “Showing off” your intelligence can close the door to communication if your audience is not familiar with the topic. Larry believes that “clever is the opposite of communication” and that although it can be difficult, being clear is worthwhile because it gets your point across. Doing so is of utmost importance when speaking with anyone, from investors to suppliers and customers.

Improv is the interconnection of verbal & nonverbal cues, which allows communication to flourish. While this can be humorous in a performance setting, it is crucial in real life. Clear communication is vital to a successful business. The Butler Venture Accelerator loves involving Babson’s Arts programs with students’ business development!

Hear from the 2016 Summer Venture Program Wellesley cohort on Thursday, July 28 at the Summer Venture Showcase!