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PICCPerfect at Clinton Global Initiative University

The following post is from Emily Levy ’16, founder of PICCPerfect, a spring 2016 hatchery business. 

PICCPerfect at CGIU

PICCPerfect at CGIU

I was so honored to be invited to attend the Clinton Global Initiative University (CGIU) at UC Berkeley. The event was so eye opening and life inspiring. This was my first time going to a CGIU conference, and I was amazed that there were students there from over 100 different countries!

My commitment to action was to reduce infection rates in PICC line patients and Lyme disease awareness. The speakers and breakout sessions were also very inspiring, and I chose to go to the ones on big data and global health. I got to meet Laura Ling, the reporter who was detained in North Korea, and I got to shake hands will Bill Clinton and take a selfie! I got to meet and network with students, who can help me with my commitment to action. I met a student from UVA who is working on a medical fabric and he was very helpful because he made me realize that we need someone on our team who is an industrial fabrics expert.

I hope to go next year as a speaker! We are working on applying to their seed fund!