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Benefits of a Multi Destination Study Abroad Experience

This article was written by Jess Thevenoz ’15, an Education Abroad Peer Advisor who participated in the BRIC Program this past Fall BRIC

As a student who went on BRIC, there are many unique things to gain from this incredible experience. Thanks to Babson, we have the opportunity to meet many business and government officials in three incredibly relevant countries in the business environment. We have the opportunity to meet other Babson students closely enjoying all the benefits (and learning opportunities) of a cohort experience. Another thing that really stands out to me is the aspect of multi destination and the incredible advantages that come with it:

  • You have the ability to learn three languages, and dive into three completely different cultures. You try three completely different foods and being there for a month allows you to really get a grasp of what life is like there
  • You get to compare and contrast- and it is always encouraged! You get to analyze the differences of cultures you JUST saw! It brings you to so many different conclusions. It helps you see advantages and disadvantages of doing business in each country and get a better understanding of what doing business is like there and where different businesses could be more profitable.
  • You get more exposure. This world has so many unique perspectives and being able to hear more of them always is advantageous, especially on one trip!
  • You never get tired of a place! You get just enough time to get exposed, get your feet wet, see the cities, immerse yourself into the culture before leaving!
  • When you travel to different places, you see different sides of you in certain cultures and learn more about yourself in what you appreciate and how you react to cultural differences!
  • When travelling in such a small group, you have the ability to see many people’s different sides as they are exposed to different cultural experiences in various countries

– Jess Thevenoz ’17 (Education Abroad Peer Advisor)