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PilotHouse: Dealing with Uncertainty

The following post is from Jake Cho ’17, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member.

On November 30th, Finn Merrill ’16 of PilotHouse, shared his lessons learned from his experience in the hospitality industry at a peer-to-peer session held by the Butler Venture Accelerator.

Peer to Peer Session with PilotHouse

Peer to Peer Session with PilotHouse

Planning to launch next spring, PilotHouse will provide portable hospitality system to solve excess demand and shortage supply in the hospitality market.  Finn has seen this opportunity and decided to design a portable unit that can be on an undeveloped property to provide hospitality to customers and income to property owners.

Finn shared some valuable lessons learned as he was preparing this start-up.  Finn has learned that one of the most challenging things about starting a business is dealing with uncertainty.  Even though PilotHouse is in the business of providing hospitality on a portable unit, Finn is still concerned about zoning regulation when running this business.  This is a major issue that PilotHouse has to  deal with.  Finn learned that the business model entrepreneurs usually plan in the beginning may need to change when turning the business model in reality.  You always have to be ready to adjust and make changes when there is a new obstacle.  However, Finn has been able to adapt to this changes and is looking forward to PilotHouse’s launch in the spring.