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Tips from Web Summit Attendees

The following post is from Fifi Shi ’18, a Butler Venture Accelerator team member.

Dylan Husted ’17 and Linh Le M’16, students from Babson, went to Web Summit in Ireland earlier this month. As part of Babson’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, they joined the Butler Venture Accelerator for a peer to peer session on November 19 to share with us their experience in the summit as well as sharing tips to get your brand out there. Dylan is the founder of, and Linh is founder of FaseTwo.



According to Dylan and Linh, the Web Summit was a great opportunity to learn creative idea from industry leaders as well as make some great connections. The more prepared you are, the more you will gain in networking. In addition, they also got a chance to know what their competitors were doing and how could they differentiate from others.

Dylan and Linh then transitioned to sharing tips on how to get your company name out there. The attendees were interested in what they’ve learned from persona experience. Here were the highlights:

  • Track the people who are using for website, what do they see, and what do they share. This will give you useful insights on whom you should target to.
  • In order to attract more people to view your article, you could try to use Outbrain. This service will suggest your articles to readers who are reading similar ones.
  • Track the money you spend on marketing and what you get. This can help you design short term and long term goals.
  • Do as many as market tests as possible, with different sets of content. This will help you figure out what is working.
  • It is not a bad idea to use celebrity endorsement to spread out word.
  • There are some interesting ways that you can engage with what you are doing. For example, Dylan mentioned that in order to attract more people to pay attention to climate change, he made video games with changing climate background.

As we learned from Dylan and Linh, creating more social awareness is really important for a company. We hope those suggestions can give you an insight of how to start name out your company. We hope to see more entrepreneurs create more social value in the world.