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CWEL Scholars Learn How to Get Past Hello

Posted by Linda Woods Curtin on behalf of Julie Wong, CWEL Scholars Program Manager

CWEL Scholars: Getting Past Hello event

CWEL Scholars: Getting Past Hello event

On November 5, the Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (CWEL) hosted the CWEL Scholars for an event featuring Kim Miles from Miles in Heels Productions and Victoria Nessen, founder of NK&A. The workshop Miles and Nessen presented was Getting Past Hello! The Art of Cultivating Lasting Business Relationships.

Kim Miles of Miles in Heels Productions

Kim Miles of Miles in Heels Productions

There were 35 undergraduate students in attendance–CWEL Scholars as well as other interested students from the Babson Undergraduate community. Topics covered at the workshop included:

    > The proper way to wear a name tag
    > How to politely excuse yourself from conversations
    > How to follow up with a connection
CWEL Scholar

CWEL Scholar

The energy at the event was great, the students were engaged and stayed after the event, forming lines to speak with Miles and Nessen.

Here’s some student feedback received:

“I will admit that I had hesitations going in to today because networking is always something I have dreaded. You two completely exceeded my expectations and made networking seem like something I can do!”

Victoria Nessen

Victoria Nessen, Founder of NK&A

“This presentation was incredibly enthusiastic and lively–one of the best that I have witnessed at Babson so far. It is amazing to see that women like you are out there to set forth THE example to follow. I aspire to be able to capture an audience like you two did one day.”

This event is a student favorite for the second year, and we look forward to having the pair back again!

— Julie Wong, CWEL Scholars Program Manager