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Can You Present Your Startup in Three Minutes?

Today marks the 16th annual Rocket Pitch, sponsored by the Blank Center, Pepper Hamilton LLP, Pierce Atwood LLP and Samuel Goldstein and Co. There are 92 presentations scheduled today from Babson students (ugrad, MSM, MBA) and alumni with industries ranging from consumer products to mobile.

2015 Rocket Pitch

2015 Rocket Pitch

Over the last couple weeks the Blank Center, Babson Entrepreneurship Club and Babson Speech Center have been hosting multiple practice sessions. What was some of the feedback that was given to the presenters?

  • Have a captivating opening. At Babson’s Rocket Pitch event, there is only two minutes between each presentation. Start with a unique opening to differentiate you from the previous presenter.
  • Have a story. It doesn’t mean writing a fiction novel, but come up with a story line that makes it easier for the audience to follow. It will also help you in delivery.
  • Images are secondary. Attendees want to listen to the entrepreneur, slides should not be the focal point of the presentation.
  • But…images are important! In order to keep the audience engaged, do not go overboard with the text.
  • Practice, practice, practice! It is always good to practice your presentation in front of peers – but also people you do not know. Be comfortable with yourself and what you’re presenting.
  • And have fun! Remember to be confident – the audience will be engaged.

If you’re attending the event, make sure to use #babsonrp on your social media.

Can’t come to campus today? We have a live stream available on the Rocket Pitch website. We also have the schedule, company profiles and online evaluation form.

See you at 2pm in Olin Hall!