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10 Reasons Why a Babson Student Should Study Abroad

Post by Mercedes Sierra, who studied abroad in Paris, France. Click here to learn about the many opportunities to travel abroad at Babson.

Studying abroad is something every Babson student should do! Even if you are doing a double concentration, it is still possible! I am proof of this. Babson offers different alternatives and programs in order to match everyone’s needs making the options fit to each one of us. I decided to study abroad in Paris, France and based on my experiences there, I will tell you why I think a Babson Student should study abroad, whether it be an elective abroad, a semester or a year.

1. You are Exposed to  New Languages which is Essential to Learning a New Culture.

In my case, I had learned French in High School so by going abroad I was able to further develop my skills and practices since I almost never spoke in Spanish or English while at France. I practiced my French in school, when ordering in restaurants, when visiting museums, when meeting new people, etc. It was definitely a big change, but these are things that a business student will have to do when interacting and doing business with other people around the world. If you don’t know the language of the location in which you are studying, there are levels of learning the language so you will be able to develop your skills and meet other people that are learning at the same time that you are. It is amazing learning a new language and being able to dominate it in a different country!

Student at the Louvre in France

2. Living in a Country is Not the Same as Visiting a Country.

There is a difference between the two as you are exposed to different situations due to cultural differences. You are able to be more independent and solve problems and encounters that may arise. It can be as simple as learning how to use the metro transportation system. You grow as a person being in a different environment and when coming back to Babson classes you have more knowledge than ever. You are contributing to class with a different mindset than others and have a larger view of how the world works. By living in a different country you are also able to learn about yourself in terms of strengths and weaknesses.

3. New Friends.

Babson is known for its entrepreneurship leadership as well as its diversity. We are a campus that represents more than 80 countries and to continue this path, studying abroad allows for this exposure to be even further. You will not only meet people from the country you are living in, but you will be exposed to others. As a Babson student, the networking opportunities are endless. During my time studying in Paris, I not only made friends from there, but made very close friends with people from Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Spain, etc. It was incredible seeing all the things we had in common!

4. Different Education System.

By being exposed in a new education system different than your own, you are able to learn and adapt to the culture even faster. It is a different teaching, grading and interaction style. This allows to develop adaptability skills and looking at aspects with a different perspective, especially in the business world.

5. Innovation.

Babson promotes innovation and going abroad is something new and innovative in your life! There are new business out there and ideas you are not even aware of!

6. Different Culture.

By learning different cultures you are even more intelligent and are able to read people more quickly. At the beginning, it can be a culture shock learning things are done differently, but it is all worth it! Learning how even say hi in a country in the appropriate way will open many doors for you in terms of business negotiations as well as creation of friendships.

7. A Plus for your Resume.

The percentage of students going abroad to study is not very high, and this is something recruiters look at. Have you been exposed to things that are out of your culture zone? How did you adapt? Were you able to incorporate yourself into the country’s culture? Going abroad means you can be independent, you enjoy challenges, you are responsible, and many other things!

8. Travel Experience.

Studying abroad allows you to travel to other parts of the world of which you will be able to speak about in the future. While I was abroad in Paris, I was also able to travel to other parts of Europe like for example Spain, London, Venice, Florence, and Rome. All wonderful places!

Student in phone booth in England

9. New Perspectives.

You won’t look at a piece of paper the same way you did before. You won’t see the classroom interaction the same way you did before. It is incredible seeing this change within you and have a new global mindset in the entrepreneurial world. I was able to be part of an Entrepreneurship Forum my university at Paris hosted. I had the opportunity of meeting different business executives in this country and it was an amazing experience.

10. Lifetime Opportunity.

This opportunity is very rare to occur after you graduate from college therefore it is extremely important to take advantage of it! You will not regret it and it will be beneficial for your personal and professional goals.

Babson gives us this opportunity to be global and has a variety of programs where you can find the perfect fit for you! It takes aspects of entrepreneurship and globalization which are incorporated into your day to day life. Studying abroad is not just a new opportunity, it is a new way of seeing the world and making an impact in business. Student at Eiffel Tower in France