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B.E.T.A. Challenge Finals – who will win $20,000??

2015 B.E.T.A. Challenge

2015 B.E.T.A. Challenge

The day is finally here! Starting at 1pm in Olin 120, watch entrepreneurs as they compete for over $100,000 in cash and in-kind services!

The B.E.T.A. Challenge recognizes major milestones Babson businesses have achieved by taking action. Winners of the graduate, undergraduate and alumni challenges each win $20,000 in cash plus “services in kind” donations from corporate sponsors.

Who are the finalists?

Alumni Challenge

  • Cintell LLC (@mycintell) – Cintell LLC helps businesses understand their customers better by operationalizing customer intelligence. Apparao Karri M’12
  • CogniTea (@CogniTea) – CogniTea is a tea for mental clarity and focus without the jitters, headache, or crash.  Alex Kravets ’10
  • WrightGrid (@wrightgrid) – WrightGrid designs and manufactures solar cell phone charging stations. Ryan Wright M’13

Graduate Challenge

  • DARTdrones (@dartdrones) – DARTdrones is a flight school for drone pilots which utilizes a “Train the Trainers” model and helps new pilots feel confident and knowledgeable while flying.  Abby Speicher M’15
  • Orora Global (@OroraGlobal) – Orora Global is a for-profit social enterprise with a simple mission to end energy poverty: to provide access to affordable, reliable, and clean energy solutions to rural households and urban slums in developing countries. Marissa Goldstein M’15
  • SuperHealos (@superhealos) – SuperHealos is a social enterprise dedicated to empowering children and their families facing challenges. Yuanyuan Yin M’15

Undergraduate Challenge

  • Elysium Industries – Elysium will mass produce and distribute thorium-fueled molten salt reactors (MSR’s) to governments and corporations with intensive energy needs. Matthew Hayes ’15, Ben Cardarelli ’15, Carl Perez ’15, Seira Mori ’15 and Guilherme Fagundes ’15
  • Think Board (@thethinkboard) – Think Board helps unlock personal and professional creativity in homes, offices and school classrooms, by overlaying Think Boards onto workspaces, walls and school desks in the Boston area. Hanson Grant ’16
  • WashSense Inc. (@drwashsense) – WashSense is a hand-hygiene measurement and analytic platform designed for Medical Facilities to prevent Health Acquired Infections. Connor Dahlberg ’15

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