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Candida Brush, Chair of Babson’s Entrepreneurship Division, to Kick Off a New Babson SF Series, Pioneers and Perspectives

Babson San Francisco is launching a new speaker series, Pioneers & Perspectives, which is designed to engage Bay Area audiences in Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® (ET&A). Babson College is globally recognized for its one-of-a-kind ET&A methodology, which emphasizes action, experimentation, and creativity as they relate to diverse endeavors: innovating within a large corporation, raising a family, creating a charity, solving global social issues, or starting a business. Those who attend this ongoing series will have the opportunity to network with each other, meet Babson faculty, and interact with a variety of entrepreneurial thought leaders through innovative talks and question-and-answer sessions.

The first event of this series, “Discover the Entrepreneur in YOU,” kicks off on Friday, May 8th, from 7:30 to 9:00 am at the Babson San Francisco campus. Professor and Chair of Babson’s Entrepreneurship Division, Candida Brush, will lead an exercise in entrepreneurial style exploration and will demonstrate how Babson views and teaches entrepreneurship. Professor Brush is a leader in women’s entrepreneurship and new venture creation. She received her DBA from Boston University and MBA from Boston College. Her influential research has been featured in scholarly journals and popular media including The Wall Street Journal and The Boston Globe.

If you want to learn more about your personal entrepreneurial qualities and about the benefits of experiential learning, this event is perfect for you. Registration is now open to the public and the Babson community. Breakfast is included in the registration fee. We hope to see you there!

Future Pioneers & Perspectives events will be announced on the Babson San Francisco page, so please check back periodically for updates. Any questions? Contact Gloria Balderas for more information.