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Rebranding and Telling Your Story

On March 10, Brianna Stiklickas’15, founder and CEO of Meet Eugene, joined the Butler Venture Accelerator program for a peer to peer session on her story of rebranding the company and different wants to tell your story effectively. Meet Eugene is an exotic pet food company that currently focuses on pet foods for hedgehog. Stiklickas said that her brand improved immensely after going through rebranding. meet eugene

When Stiklickas first started the Meet Eugene, she decided everything by herself. For example, Stiklickas chose red and black as the company colors because she liked the two colors. Afterwards, Stiklickas met a lot of people and got feedback through participating in Butler Venture Accelerator program, WIN Lab, various trade shows, and pitch events. Stiklickas emphasized that it is really important to ask people for feedback first rather than just waiting for it. For example, through the feedback she received, Stiklickas realized that people react better with more images and she should follow her product in deciding company color or image. As Stiklickas got a lot of help from other people, she pointed out the importance of utilizing the network.

In addition to getting help from people around her, Stiklickas also looked at what her competitors are doing. By analyzing her competitors and industry trend, Stiklickas said she realized that she needed to show a more realistic view on her product. In building the brand image, Stiklickas pointed out that the story of your product is very important in showing how your product is essential. Stiklickas recommended making a unique story and theme for your company.

Throughout the session Stiklickas said that she got a lot of help through Butler Venture Accelerator program, events and networks. If you have a startup idea, start utilizing the resources and network available to you.