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Babson BRIC 2014 – Voices from Abroad

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Babson BRIC: The Cornerstone of the New Global Economy is a semester-long, globally comparative and academically rigorous study abroad experience. To learn more about this unique opportunity, click here.

Babson BRIC study abroad participants write blog posts during their time in Russia, India, and China. It’s a great way for them to reflect on their experiences, and is a wonderful way for you to learn about the program and what it entails. To learn about BRIC from their perspective of those who participated in the program in 2014, read the articles below.

Goodbye Beijing

Adventures to Yiwu and GE

Updates from Shanghai

Zdravstvujtye Russia!

Memorials and Museums

 до свидания, Санкт. Петербург !*

Managing Perspectives

Belonging & Heimat in India: Winding Down #BRIC2014

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved

To learn more about study abroad at Babson, visit the Education Abroad website (link).

To learn more about Babson BRIC and to read more blog posts, click here.