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You build your mobile app; what’s next? Discovery of your app

You built your app and now  you are waiting to be discovered from the 1 million apps in the app store. Similar to SEO, here comes ASO: AppStore Search Optimization. Surveys reveal that 47% of the users found the last app they found through app search. This certainly highlights the importance of having an app store optimization search strategy in place.

Apart from app store optimization, there are couple of other key channels:

* Web still appears to be a key driver of app traffic – 11% read about they app from the web. A mobile optimized site together with SEO can help drive traffic from web to app store pages.

* Word of mouth: Built-in virality (K-factor; i.e. the ability for users to share the app) and social are key components

* Top Charts: Although certainly effective, this is sometimes an overrated channel. It is fairly difficult to get into Top Charts and although you will see an uplift in Top Charts, there are other channels you can focus on and still be effective with discovery of your app.

Given that ASO accounts for such a large percentage of downloads, what are some things you can do to maximize downloads from ASO?

* Icon:

Keep it simple

Avoid text or words

Unless you are a brand (which is unlikely in case of a start-up;)), don’t use branding logo

Analyze competitors to get ideas

Test your icon: Ask your friends and on social media to see what they think

* App Name: You can have up to 255 characters in the app name although the first 30 will be visible in the search. Therefore; it is important to put the most important words in the beginning of your app name. However; it is a good idea to be descriptive with the app name and use it to your advantage for search

* Localize app title if you are launching the app in multiple countries