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Not “Goodbye” but “See ya later alligator!”

Post by Piero Coen and Amelie Bushong.

This past week there was a lot that took place!  BRIC 2014 had its last visit; we went to Shiv Nadar, a school that focuses on educating the children from villages.  This was a great visit as we got to speak to the kids who were in 11th grade and share with them our stories and the college process. Academically, all our work had to be done this week.  This was a lot of late nights, but we made good memories in the process.  Personally, a lot of final shopping was going on, the final gifts before going home for the holidays.  The next big thing  was packing.  Packing meant that BRIC was over,  it was hard to pack not only because of all the gifts purchased, but also because it meant that we were all leaving on our next adventure of either going home or exploring another part of the world.  You could feel the mixture of excitement and sadness.

In order to have a positive and less sad “See ya later”, we had a fun activity for the group that was planned during our farewell dinner.  We made certificates with the categories “Most likely” and “Remembered for”  for each of the students, the coordinator and the professor. This activity was a great group bonding experience because everyone participated.  To present them there was an anecdote about the classmate and a short explanation about our choice.  The design for the certificate was made by a BRICer who is great in design and editing formats.  Ending BRIC with a fun activity concludes the program on a good note.

All in all, this trip is amazing! 3 countries, 3 months, 26 students.  You get to learn from everyone in the group, from each country and from yourself.  The stories that you bring back home are amazing and hilarious.

This last week is a very emotional one, but in response to the title of this entry its only: “In a while crocodile!”