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The Benefits of Interning Abroad

Post by Allie Pelletz

Allie on site at her internship

Allie on site at her internship

I never considered doing an internship in another country, let alone another language, but when I was presented with the opportunity to do so while studying abroad in Seville, Spain, I jumped at the chance. My first challenge was not only putting together my cover letter and resume, but translating it to another language and converting my GPA to a Spanish grading system. I had to have all of that done before I showed up in Seville. Once I arrived I was given a packet outlining the different companies we could work with. The process of choosing an internship is generally incredibly competitive because everyone chooses what companies they would like to work for without the other students knowing. Based on your resume, you get matched up with only one of the companies you want. This is important to know because that means that you only interview with that company (but there are always exceptions). I interviewed with my top choice, iGlobax Trademarks and Patents, dressed like a Babson student who is giving their final presentation for a class.

I was immediately emailed my confirmation email that I would work with iGlobax. This startup company consists of only two people. Angel y Daniel have worked over ten years in the trademark and patent industry and about a year ago decided to create their own business. They work in a government building that pays the majority of the rent for startup companies for their first three years of business. Angel y Daniel register patents and trademarks both domestically and internationally for business all over the world. At this moment, I have helped with projects for businesses in South Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Portugal, and the United States. My bosses also want me to walk away knowing about the industry in Spain. They constantly familiarize me with the business terminology in Spanish. I honestly cannot wait for the day that I graduate and am able to work with an international company, preferably in Spanish, because I feel like I am so much more prepared to work.

I have learned how to be professional in a very relaxed environment and be more tolerant of other cultures. Spanish working hours are very different from U.S. working hours. For instance, every morning, my bosses and I take a coffee and breakfast break and just talk about anything. That would never be acceptable in the United States. I am also fortunate to have learned much more about the trademark and patent industry. While Babson does teach that sector of business, I find that I have learned so much more about the actual process of registering and protecting a company´s brand. This whole experience has helped me better my Spanish, work on my professionalism, and learn about a new industry that certainly pertains to any type of business. If anybody has the opportunity to study abroad and do an internship, I suggest doing it because it will not only help your resume, but it will give you experience and a whole new perspective on other cultures. Plus it is a lot of fun!


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