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Accelerator Adviser Profile Part VI: John Hallal

John Hallal is a business adviser, attorney, entrepreneur and professor. Professor Hallal is the advisor for the Launch and Grow stage of the Butler Venture Accelerator program. He has been part of this program for the past three years. Professor Hallal is passionate, open and spontaneous. If he hears a good idea, then he is willing to put aside daily work to explore a new project or a venture.

John Hallal

John Hallal

Professor Hallal has been part of numerous entrepreneurial ventures. He actually started his own company selling durable medical equipment. He started from scratch in a small little office. He raised money from hedge fund and grew the company substantially. Eventually, the company merged with a larger supply company. Professor Hallal said that from his experience he has learned that you need to be very selective and careful when you are choosing your investors for the company.

Professor Hallal stated that entrepreneurship is innovating and planning in managing a business venture or a project. He believes that the entrepreneurs should be innovating in ways to serve market needs and create job opportunities. In the end, entrepreneurs are the only ones that can help the economy. He believes that entrepreneurs also need to create innovation in clean energy and distribution of food and resources for those in need. Professor Hallal believes that this world can become a better place through Entrepreneurs. However in order for that to happen, entrepreneurs need to be passionate. One advice that Professor wants to give to an aspiring entrepreneur is “follow your heart and do not give up!”

Professor Hallal also does numerous things outside of the classroom and the Butler Venture Accelerator. He loves to travel especially to places where it is sunny. He loves to play tennis and golf. Most importantly, he loves spending time with his friends and family.