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15th Annual Rocket Pitch

Three minutes. Three slides. Today marks the 15th annual Rocket Pitch, sponsored by the Blank Center, Pepper Hamilton LLP and Samuel Goldstein and Co. There are 96 pitches scheduled representing a wide range of industries include consumer products, energy, food/beverage, nonprofit, service, technology, web and more. Rocket Pitch is an annual event where Babson (students and alumni), Olin Engineering and Wellesley College student entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their business ideas to a large audience.

2014 Rocket Pitch

2014 Rocket Pitch

For many attendees, today is their first Rocket Pitch experience. Here are some tips on maximizing your time!:
  • After you check in at the registration desk, go through the company profiles book and find the ventures you are interested in listening to.
  • Look at the room schedule to see which room and what time the venture will be presenting. This year, we will be using Olin 101, 102, 220 and 225. The first pitch is at 2:20pm.
  • Attend the pitches! You can stay in one room if you are interested in a particular industry, but most people rotate rooms. We have one stellar timekeeper who keeps track of all the pitches throughout the afternoon, all pitches are synchronized. You will hear three cues: ready (30 seconds before pitch begins), go (pitch begins), and stop (pitch ends). There is only a two minute transition between pitches, so make sure you wear comfortable shoes since you will be walking between rooms. There are also door guards who make sure people don’t walk in halfway through pitches, so make sure you get to the room you want early!
  • Feedback is important! Evaluation forms will be provided, please help presenters by providing your feedback.
  • Meet the entrepreneurs at the networking reception after the pitches finish. There is no Q&A after presentations, so this is the best way to follow up with presenters. The networking reception will be on the ground floor of Olin and companies will be assigned tables. Refreshments will be served!

If you’re attending the event, make sure to use #babsonrp on your social media. We’ll be using Tagboard, follow here!

Can’t come to campus today? We have a live stream available on the Rocket Pitch website. We also have the schedule, company profiles and online evaluation form.

Are you READY? GO! See you at Olin this afternoon!