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Past Rocket Pitch Participants: Where Are They Now? (Series: Part III)

David Eddy M’85, founder of Legacy Software, Ltd., recently shared his experience in participating at Rocket Pitch with me. Legacy Software, Ltd. produces a built, working, battle-tested software product that helps to transfer the knowledge about Fortune 350 software portfolios to younger generation. Eddy participated in Rocket Pitch four times, 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013. Among the Rocket Pitch events he presented at, the first three Rocket Pitches were on language of organizing computer folders.

David Eddy M'85, Founder of Legacy Software

David Eddy M’85, Founder of Legacy Software

As part of the baby boomer generation, Eddy was interested in cross generational knowledge transfer. Eddy noticed that each generation learns differently. Eddy’s idea started from a question, how we can make the transfer process effective. As Eddy acknowledged the value of sharing idea with others, he wanted to share idea with larger audience. Eddy wanted to find somebody that would motivate him to keep going, and think out of the box. Eddy emphasized the importance of pitching. Eddy said that he thinks you need to pitch and pitch until the point somebody comes and jumble the idea. Eddy pointed out that you are then starting to make a progress.

Eddy said that he learned a lot through the process of practicing the pitch: writing the script and timing the delivery. Since there is only three minutes to pitch at the event, Eddy recommended to really focus on the key points. Eddy said Rocket Pitch was very good experience that gives exposure for the venture.
For the future Rocket Pitch presenters, Eddy suggested the participants to keep practicing, re-writing, and re-timing the pitch. Eddy shared through his experience that the participants learn more about themselves and discover points of improvement. As the audience is going to give valuable feedback, Eddy emphasized the importance of understanding the audience, respecting them, and giving them something to remember about your idea.

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