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Past Rocket Pitch Participants: Where Are They Now? (Series: Part II)

Andres Valencia M’15, a founder of GoBag, shared his experience in participating at Rocket Pitch. GoBag is a producer of flexible water bottle that can be folded. GoBag provides you a cool way to wear your water. Valencia participated in 2013 Summer Venture Program and 2013 Rocket Pitch.

Andres Valencia M'15, Founder of GoBag

Andres Valencia M’15, Founder of GoBag

Valencia came up with this idea around mid-2013; however he was not sure if there was a real potential in his idea. Valencia gave his first pitch in Professor Heidi Neck’s Entrepreneurship class. Valencia got into the top 10 pitch in the class, and the professor encouraged him to participate in Rocket Pitch. As Valencia wanted to test whether this was good idea to pursue, he applied for Rocket Pitch.

Valencia recalled the memory of practicing the pitch with other participants. The participants were a mix of undergraduate students and graduate students. Valencia said he was impressed by enthusiastic and smart students. Valencia also pointed out that the feedback was very rewarding and encouraging to see the energy within the group.

From the Rocket Pitch, Valencia said he got the courage from people’s feedback and felt he could pursue the venture and move forward. Fortunately, Valencia was invited to New York Rocket Pitch. Valencia said he got more energy and feeling of success from New York. Valencia pointed out that through his Rocket Pitch experience, it assured him that the opportunity within the idea and that kept him motivated. With the energy, Valencia applied for different opportunities following his success with the Rocket Pitch events, such as Startup Rounds, MassChallenge, and Summer Venture Program. Through various programs, Valencia could widen his horizon and apply feedback to focus on promoting the business.

Valencia suggested to those interested in presenting at Rocket Pitch to look at the guidelines that are given to get a clear idea how to frame the pitch. Valencia emphasized the importance of preparation and practice; he recommended to participate in every preparation session as possible. Valencia recommended the presenters to be relaxed and enjoy the experience of sharing your idea.

Valencia said the experience of Rocket Pitch will make you exceptional in delivering pitches and get more organized in presenting the idea. Valencia recommended to take a step and do something if you have an idea. Enjoy and try to learn from everything you do.

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