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Past Rocket Pitch Participants: Where Are They Now? (Series: Part I)

Octavia Costea M’15, founder of Spreads and Beyond, recently shared with me her experience with Rocket Pitch. Spreads and Beyond is a producer of delicious, 100% pure fruit spreads without any artificial pectin or added sugar. Octavia uses a unique old Romanian family recipe to make this possible. Costea  is currently part of the WIN Lab, participated in the 2014 Summer Venture Program and presented at the 2013 Rocket Pitch.

Octavia Costea M'15, founder of Spreads and Beyond

Octavia Costea M’15, founder of Spreads and Beyond

Costea was in Professor Heidi Neck’s Entrepreneurship class, where she had to practice her pitch and present in front of class. These exercises gave courage and motivated Costea to participate in the annual Rocket Pitch event. Octavia recalled that she was initially really scared to pitch in front of people that she did not know; however, the experience gave her courage to present the idea to more people, and gave her confidence to pitch whenever there was opportunity. Octavia pointed out that Rocket Pitch gave her exposure to what business is all about and really helped her shape her company’s value proposition.

At the Rocket Pitch, Costea met an investor and stayed in touch. Meeting with an investor helped Costea set goals which helped her keep track of the business. Additionally, Costea was able to take the feedback from the audience which helped her to improve her pitch and led to being selected for part of the Summer Venture Program.

Through the Summer Venture Program, Costea perfected her pitch, brought her product to the market and launched during the Summer Venture Showcase. Currently Spreads and Beyond is moving from a commercial kitchen to a co-packer to scale up the business. Costea said that is would not have been possible without the process that she went through since she participated in Rocket Pitch. Costea is planning on participating in Rocket Pitch again this November.

Costea pointed out that the Rocket Pitch experience helps entrepreneurs build better structure not only in the pitch but also in the idea and gives confidence. Costea recommended any Babson entrepreneurs to apply for Rocket Pitch and do it with courage.

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