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Accelerator Adviser Profile Part I: Andrew Corbett

We are featuring profiles of our Butler Venture Accelerator advisers. Check back for updates!

Professor Andrew Corbett is all about cognitive aspect in business. His research is based on how people think and learn and how they find new opportunities based on their skills. He is currently a professor in the Entrepreneurship Division and faculty director of the Butler Venture Accelerator. He teaches courses such as entrepreneurship opportunity and marketing for entrepreneurs.

Andrew Corbett

Andrew Corbett

Professor Corbett’s entrepreneurial experiences including being part of a small smart up called Planet Dexter, which developed kid books with toys inside. Eventually, this product became very popular and was even adapted and built in cartoon strips. This promoted self-learning among little kids and it provided a new trend in the education field.

Professor Corbett uses his experience and knowledge to give students advice and teach them about how to improve their business. Professor Corbett is passionate about teaching. He loves interacting with his students. Professor Corbett can be described in three E words: engaged, enthusiastic and encouraging. For the past three years, he has been part of the Accelerator program as faculty director. In his role as faculty director, Professor Corbett helps students and their businesses grow as well as looks after the advisers to see what can be improved on. Professor Corbett wants his students to create some form of value for others through their business. He believes that anyone can be an entrepreneur but people need to think outside of the box as well as realizing what others want.