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Accelerating Your Venture at Babson

With the recent rankings that Babson is #1 for entrepreneurship (U.S. News, The Princeton Review, Entrepreneur Magazine), it is no surprise that many students that come to Babson want to start, have or be part of an entrepreneurial venture. The Blank Center’s Butler Venture Accelerator supports and advances student entrepreneurial businesses in each phase of their startup venture – from opportunity exploration and pursuit with an action plan to the ultimate launch. This past Friday we notified our first batch of registrants regarding the stage they will start out in the Accelerator and the resources they’ll get access to.

Butler Venture Accelerator

Butler Venture Accelerator

If you are not part of the Accelerator yet or don’t know what it is, here are the top ten questions we normally get when people ask about the program and entrepreneurship resources at Babson.

Q: I just have an idea, can I still register for the Accelerator?
A: Yes, the Accelerator is open to entrepreneurs at all stages. More on stages here >>

Q: Who is eligible to be part of the Accelerator?
A: The program is currently open to Babson, Olin Engineering, Wellesley College students and Babson alumni at late stage Pursue/Launch and Grow.

Q: How do I register for the Accelerator?
A: Email the Blank Center at for a direct link to the online form. Current students can also access the assessment survey through the Babson Hub.

Q: I have team members, do we each need to fill out the assessment survey?
A: No, we only need one assessment survey per business opportunity.

Q: I am registering for the Accelerator and have a non-Babson team member. Is that ok?
A: Yes, non-Babson team members are welcome.

Q: I signed up for the mailing list in the summer, does that mean I’m in the program?
A: The summer mailing list is only so you are notified of summer events. To be officially part of the program, you need to fill out our online registration form available on the Babson Hub.

Q: I got an email saying I’m already in the program, but I just applied. What does that mean?
A: The Accelerator is open to all students, so we use the assessment survey not to determine if you are in or out of the program, but what stage you will start out in. You’ll be notified several weeks after you submit your form about what stage you will start out in and what resources are available to you.

Q: I got notified of what stage I am in, what next?
A: We provide some suggested next steps in our notification email, including looking at our Accelerator calendar, joining the Marketplace for Skills and Opportunities and looking at the online content available through Blackboard.

Q: Is the Accelerator open to Babson alumni?
A: Yes, the Accelerator is open to Babson alumni in the late stage Pursue/Launch and Grow stage. To be considered, please fill out an intake form. The Alumni and Friends Network also has other entrepreneurship resources available.

Q: I am not from Babson and I need help with a business plan. Can the Accelerator assist?
A: The Accelerator is a program that is open to only Babson, Olin Engineering, Wellesley College students and Babson alumni. Many participants are working on their own entrepreneurial opportunities. To engage with Babson students, please contact our Centers for Career Development or the Office of Experiential Learning. Babson also offers Executive Education programs and a number of signature events that are open to the public.

For more information about the Butler Venture Accelerator, visit our website, like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter, #babsonbutler