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Pro Travel Tips

By Sarah Benderson and Kenneth Zhang

Travel Lesson: Make sure to photocopy both your passport and visas way ahead of when you are traveling. Never do it when you are in a rush. You might pick up only the copies that come out and forget to grab the passport. That’s a no-no.

At 11:00pm, 4.5 hours prior to our bus departure from Babson College to Logan Airport, Ken realized he could not find his passport. He spent the next 4 hours looking for it. He called public safety to let him into Olin classrooms, Trim, mail rooms, suitcases, bags, trash cans, recycling bins, underneath furniture, inside furniture…everywhere he could have absentmindedly placed his passport.  With the help of his already super-duper awesome BRIC friends and the early arrivers, they scoured the campus. Someone had picked it up from the scanner he was using to make copies of his passport and visas. He didn’t find it again until 4am and took and taxi over to the airport and just barely made it. What a morning.

Travel Lesson: Take time to learn about your companions as they will be with you for the next 3 months.

Orientation is absolutely amazing. It is a lot of work as the whole day is nearly scheduled but the professors are quirky and humorous and full of character! One extremely important quote from Professor Coyle, “Every single one of you is a little bit weird. It takes a certain weirdness to do what you are doing.”

Embrace ambiguity everybody. Lean into Discomfort and Grow Comfortable.

This is the Confused Tourist Look.

The  Confused Tourist Look.