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Takeaways from SVP alum Alex Debelov ’10 (Virool)

Summer Venture Program alum Alex Debelov’10, founder and CEO of Virool, spoke with the 2014 cohort and shared his takeaways from founding a venture. Debelov won the 2010 John H. Muler Business Plan Competition, the predecessor of the B.E.T.A. Challege, and was named a Top 5 College Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine in 2010.


Here are Debelov’s main takeaways.

  • The first few months of startup might be tough, but if you believe in your idea, you can push through it. With persistence and the right steps, the idea will gain traction and can change your mentality.
  • The most valuable resource is your peers. Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, participate in startup accelerators and be involved in the community to find people you can set goals, compete and push each other.
  • Know about the business as much as you can. It is important to know everything because small operations gather and make a big picture.
  • Attend conferences and gatherings because it helps establish the image of your company.

Starting your own company can be hard. For some, they may describe it as a roller coaster. Nonetheless, there are many entrepreneurs who have also experienced the same hurdles. If you believe in the idea, surround yourself with a network that can help you, overcoming obstacles may be a little easier.