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Lessons Learned from SVP Alum Ramón Salinas M’12

On July 8th, Summer Venture Program alum Ramón Salinas M’12 visited the 2014 cohort to share his takeaways from participating in the program and his entrepreneurial journey.

Prior to coming to Babson for his MBA, Salinas had experiences in startups and had taught in Universidad de los Andes for several years. Like other SVP participants, Salinas had to present his venture during the “Hot Seat,” where participants learn to critique and develop engaging presentations. Salinas pointed out that “Hot Seat” criticism shaped his presentation for the Summer Venture Showcase.

Salinas pointed out the importance of learning throughout the experience. Salinas recommended to try out and prototype ideas that you have. In the process of prototyping, Salinas suggested to think less about the business, but think more about what you really need to learn. Salinas emphasized the importance of networking and asking people for help or advice. Salinas viewed the experience of meeting people and building a prototype as a stepping stone for his venture.

If you have an entrepreneurial venture that you would like to take to the next level, approach your experiences as learning opportunities, put your idea into action and network.