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The Unbridled Start Up Experience as an Intern

Working for start- up have always been interesting experiences. While it can be frustrating making hundreds of calls and getting shut down ninety- five percent of the time, the experience itself is extremely valuable. It forces you to keep you calm and not be rattled when you come in contact with hostile people over the phone. Working for a small non- profit start up has been especially gratifying. It has allowed me to take on a larger role than just being forced to call prospective clients. I have the ability to work on a project that allows me to collect and analyze data. After going to school for economics and mathematics, I have the ability to hone my skills in analyzing and interpreting large quantities of data.

Working for Social Conch allows me to take on a larger responsibility. Rather than just doing whatever someone tells me and doing menial tasks, I have the ability to come up with strategies that will directly impact the short and long- term ability of Social Conch. I have the ability to come up with a new and improved way to contact organizations and ask them to join us on I have the ability to create a statistical algorithm in order crunch the numbers of the big data projects. This allows me to do work on skills that will be useful in the future rather than having to get people coffee.