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Breaking New Ground Finalist – Brittany Lo ’14

Post from SoYoon Jun ’14, founder of How To Marry:

Brittany Lo’14, the founder of BeautyBar by B.LO, believes that women should feel beautiful every day. BeautyBar by B.LO is a physical place where women can go anytime of the day to get their hairs styled and get their make-up done while enjoying complementary cocktails.

Since Lo was two, she had a genuine interest in personal grooming. Lo recalls that when her mother was doing makeup for her dance recital, Lo always insisted on doing it herself. Ever since she was young, Lo dreamed of having her own makeup line. Her dream finally came to life on her 17th birthday when her parents financially supported Lo with starting her own all-natural makeup line called B.LO cosmetics. After coming to Babson, she has expanded her dream and has found a new passion pursuing BeautyBar by B.LO. As the founder of an all-natural makeup line, B.LO cosmetics, Lo decided to only use ecofriendly, all-natural organic cosmetic products at BeautyBar by B.LO as she feels strongly about the importance of environmental sustainability. Among the competitors, BeautyBar by B.LO is the only company that uses organic cosmetic products.

Lo started to work on BeautyBar by B.LO since from September 2012 with two other co-founders. She met her co-founders, Irena and Josh, when she studied abroad in 2012 in Paris. Lo is currently a selected participant of WIN (Women Innovating Now) Lab by CWEL and was selected as the finalist for SGA’s Breaking New Ground competition. Lo is planning to open up her first store in midtown area in Manhattan, New York by March 2015. Until launch, BeautyBar by B.LO will be offering services offsite. Lo also plans to partner up with all-natural cosmetic brands.

BeautyBar by B.LO recently hosted an event on April 16, 2014 at Babson College Knight Auditorium. Lo is happy share information about BeautyBar by B.LO services offsite for anyone who may be interested. Lo can be reached at