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Benefits of Networking

We think that why should we meet with people, We feel strange talking to our competitors, We are often mistaken.


I started my business at with a idea I thought it would make it big. The problem was not in the idea but in the mindset. I was clear that my idea was the best. Not anything different from any other person who is passionate to convert his/her business and make it big.


It was the journey from thinking about the business to actually formulating a clear business idea that is going in execution now.
I started with the idea of supplying ready to cook pre-measured ingredients in a box with a easy to follow recipe card. On networking and talking with people I found that the biggest problem is that people who cook have the time to cook and people who don’t have time don’t cook. Trying to change a pattern was not my idea. I was more in facilitating meals and not educating people about the idea.


I pivoted after talking to some industry experts (my competition). Some restaurant owners said that it was a pretty interesting idea and they would be willing to help me in assembling the boxes. They even said they would not mind preparing the meal and delivering fresh. Yes, it was the outcome of taking to a potential threat or my competitor. That broadened my horizon and made the business scalable and sustainable. If I can get the buy in of the restaurants, I think the business can be a success.
I happened to take the class called Entrepreneurship Intensity Track with Professors Craig Benson and Julian Lange. As a part of the curriculum I had to visit two separate networking events. There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude towards attending these events. I told you the story above how I could shape my business better with sharing my idea and advise everyone to be open and share your ideas and network.


Bharat Khetan,