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Introducing the New Pride Alliance!

Post by Matt Hard, Class of 2017

Babson’s undergraduate LGBTQ + Ally organization, formerly known as Prism, has undergone a few changes in the last couple of weeks, including the decision to formerly change the name to Pride Alliance. The name change has come with the realization that the word “Prism” has no direct connection to the LGBTQ + Ally community, and that people would sometimes not realize what our organization did or who we represent. We believe “Pride Alliance” is more direct and allows others to make the connection to the LGBTQ + Ally community. Of course, the more exciting reason for the rebranding  is that we wanted to make sure that the new LGBTQ + Ally Special Interest Housing option, Pride Tower, would be recognized as an extension of the organization, and maintain some sort of continuity within our community.

Matt Hard and other members of the Pride Alliance in front of the Pride Tower

Matt Hard and other members of the Pride Alliance in front of the Pride Tower

With its rebranding, Pride Alliance has decided to make a few minor changes and redirect efforts on campus. The first change Pride (for short) made was changing the email roster from “bcc” to simply “cc.” We understand and acknowledge why the list of club members was kept anonymous, however we felt that the community has grown to a certain comfort level and that we would have more of an impact showing who we are and being able to recognize everyone who is in the organization, not just the students who attend meetings.

As well as improving our visual presence with each other, Pride has made the statement that it wants to be more visible on campus in general, and is going to do more outreach within the Babson community. Looking forward, Pride members are creation collaborations with other organizations and are dedicated to showing support in general to the Babson community. We want to make sure people know about our organization and know where they can go to talk about LGBTQ + Ally issues and resources.

Finally, Pride wants to make sure that we also have an impactful presence to future and prospective students. College can be one of the hardest times for young adults, especially for those struggling to accept themselves or are starting to explore more of who they are. We all want to make sure students looking into Babson College realize that this is a safe and inclusive community, and that we have many resources for all students, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, and other form of identity. Babson prides itself on being “intentionally diverse” and that does include those members of the LGBTQ community. Pride Alliance is dedicated to making sure no one feels uncomfortable being who they are.

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