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What is at the top of your strategy list?

Developing strategies for your business is fundamental. However, strategies can only be “strategic” when they follow a timeline that matches the progress of your business. As I’m writing this blog, there is one particular area in my business that needs strategizing immediately: virtual management. How about yours?


It is the nature of my business that requires a significant amount of remote working and virtual communication. As we prepare for growth, we expect our skills regarding human resources management to get to another level. Thus far, anybody in my company takes on what needs taking care of. However, upon expansion, we realize the need to work on our human resources management strategy, especially when we reach the stage of having sales agents scattering in several states and cities. It is already difficult to manage people on the spot, and virtual management makes sense to be much more challenging. That calls for our attention in developing a strategy that would allow us to fuel our expansion and sustain in the long run.


The tricky part is that essentially every pillar in the business needs a strategy. And the strategy is: build your strategies one by one, and know what requires a “priority” status.