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Past B.E.T.A. Challenge Finalists: Where Are They Now? (Series: Part IV)

Dan Wilson M’13 founded AfterDark Technologies to accommodate athletes who like to continue their passion for team sports even after the sun sets. The company was founded in early 2013 and, like many  other businesses, AfterDark Technologies started as concept. Having problems finding time to play during the day and finding lighted fields at night, Wilson came up with an idea which people can play any sport in the dark.

AfterDark Technologies


With his passion for problem solving, Wilson participated in the 2013 B.E.T.A Challenge. By the time he was involved in the contest, he had already built a prototype of the disc. He remembers when he gave his 60 second presentation at the Venture Expo (B.E.T.A. Challenge semifinals) to a live audience. Unlike other people who would be nervous about presentation, Wilson calmed himself down and confidently gave his speech. He was ultimately chosen as one of the top three MBA finalists.

Since participating in the B.E.T.A. Challenge, Wilson has focused mainly on product development. In summer 2013, he joined the Summer Venture Program at Babson. Focusing on product development and field testing with players, Wilson gained insight on what works and what does not work. He has been working with players to refine the technology and improve the players’ experience. Through incorporating the feedback from the players and breaking many, many prototypes, the products look very different than what Wilson started with. Wilson is now expanding his portfolio beyond ultimate Frisbee to include flag football.

“If you have a great idea, stop hesitating,” says Wilson, “Taking an action is what makes an idea move forward.” During the B.E.T.A. Challenge, Wilson pushed himself to write his action plan and get everything ready to present in front of the crowd. He would like to remind this year’s participants that taking an action step is the key to bring bigger impact. “Every step of the process that you take gives you valuable feedback and more insight.”

Hear from this year’s B.E.T.A. Challenge finalists at the B.E.T.A. Challenge finals on Thursday, April 10 and check back for more posts from our “Past B.E.T.A. Challenge Finalists: Where Are They Now?” series.