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Entrepreneurial Journey of So Yoon Jun’14 – How To Marry

Entrepreneurs are often willing to take adventurous journey. I had a chance to interview So Yoon Jun ’14 about her entrepreneurial experience. She has worked at the Blank Center over two years and been exposed to numerous entrepreneurial occasions. Last year she took a semester off to work at several companies.


Jun shared that the wedding industry in Korea is inefficient and unfavorable for many of customers. In the United States, a wedding planner takes a role of an agent who facilitates whatever customer demands. In Korea, however, wedding planners are more like retailers who sell wedding as package options. Customers tend to have no freedom on where they want to have a wedding photo, wedding, and honeymoon. Rather, they have to choose one of options according to their wedding budget. How To Marry solves the problem as an online platform for wedding products, increasing transparency.

At How To Marry, Jun worked as a global business developer. Her role was to manage customers overseas. She recalls how hectic it was, working with marketing, operation and communication from other Asian countries especially from Hong Kong and Singapore. While she was in the company, she successfully clinched three contracts.

One of the most important lessons that Jun learned was balance between thinking and action. While many people tell entrepreneurs to take an action, taking an action without contemplation makes situation worse. Yet it does not mean to wait and spend time to think for a long time. There is no set boundary for how much time to spend on thinking because every situation is unique. She pointed that balance is definitely an important factor.

Another lesson that Jun learned is to have plan B. She was involved in a global business where she often encountered unpredictable obstacles such as photo shoot cancelation due to flight delay or weather condition.  It is simple principle and many people know the importance of having plan B. However, entrepreneurs often put too much effort on initial plan and neglect plan B.

Jun shared that working in a real world before graduation was appreciated preparation for her future career. She said she was able to filter down areas where she wants to pursue after graduation.