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Building an Inclusive Campus through Student Leadership

Dell, Chia, Amir, and Breeana in Stowe.

Dell, Chia, Amir, and Breeana in Stowe.

Last month, Babson Undergraduate students Dell Warren, Chia Chou Pan, and Breeana Blackmon along with Amir Reza, Vice-Provost for International and Multicultural Education traveled to Stowe, Vermont. Why Stowe, you ask?

Each year international educators (think study abroad and international student advisors and other staff who work toward internationalizing campuses and programs) gather for a regional conference held by NAFSA, the Association of International Educators. We spend a lot of time talking about and sharing best practices for helping students achieve intercultural competency and take advantage of international opportunities, but rarely do we hear from students directly.

At this year’s regional conference, Chia, Dell, and Breaana led a session introducing how they, along with some other Babson students, used leadership theory, survey results, and intercultural competence theories to study the ways in which international and domestic students (among other social identities) may be fragmented on a campus and ways to create a more inclusive campus for all. Well done all!