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Babson Rocket pitch 2013

Last Thursday October 31st was a unique day at Olin Hall. Not only because it was Halloween or the fact that the Red Sox had won the World Series the night before, but because it was the Babson Rocket Pitch 2013. A unique opportunity that united the student body of Babson (undergraduate, graduate and alumni) with Olin Engineering and Wellesley College to celebrate what we do best: Entrepreneurship.
During 2 hours, Olin Hall was a perfect coordinated machine where more than 160 business ideas were presented in 4 rooms, divided in Tech/Other, Web/Consumer Product, Service/Energy and Food/Nonprofit categories. So, people were moving from room to room, trying to give feedback, catching multiple friends’ pitches or just combining all the mix of ideas.
Personally, it was a very special day for me. First, I had the chance to moderate one room and then, I had the opportunity to pitch my company and business idea to everybody. This special situation allowed me to get to know a lot of the people in the room, to enjoy the full event and to be confident during my turn. If you have the chance to be in this position, JUST DO IT!
So, what did me and Salamander’s Energy Solutions (my venture) got from this experience? Well, it wasn’t VC coming to us with money or customers placing orders as a lot of people believe from these events. We got something even more valuable, we got the opportunity to organize our ideas so we can explain them to someone that has never hear from us and make them understand it in just 3 minutes. Also, we got the opportunity to practice in a comfortable place but in front of a diverse audience our presentation skills. Finally, we got the opportunity to share with other entrepreneurs our ideas and receiving feedback from people that are in our same position.
I invite you all to visit the website ( to check the presentation recordings by room, the Companies profile and event leave your feedback to the presenters in the evaluation form.


I can only finish this post by thank all the people that made this event possible, from organizer to volunteers to speakers to the public. THANK YOU! You all made an amazing event!
Alfredo Gago
Founder and President
Salamander’s Energy Solutions