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The Unexpected Pleasure of Avenue Q

by Joey Mensah; So, I knew I had to attend this musical because it was a class requirement for my Drama in American Business course. I’m not the biggest fan of musicals, so I wasn’t really looking forward to having to attend. And then I heard it starred puppets, and I was even more confused and unenthused about attending.

Boy was I wrong! The best way to describe Avenue Q is ratchet Sesame Street. And I appreciated it. Along with lots of comedic moments, there were moments that delved on important issues like race, wealth inequality, and sexuality. The actors masterfully brought the puppets to life to tell a story about life on Avenue Q. Main character and recent college graduate, Princeton, moved to the working class neighborhood of Avenue Q after being laid off to find his life’s purpose.

Avenue Q

Avenue Q Poster, courtesy of The Empty Space Theater

The performance is great for college students, especially for a junior like me who will soon be entering the work force. It forced me to stop and ponder the real life issues I will face as my undergraduate studies come to a close in a year and a half. In life we’re all trying to find our purpose, and Avenue Q was able to humorously bring light to topics that will face a lot of us when we go out in the real world. How will my race and cultural identity affect me being able to secure a job? If I have bills to pay, should I be pursuing my passion or a job that will pay me a lot of money so I can survive? How can I offer myself to the world if I have haven’t personally come to terms with my sexuality?

The play didn’t have finite answers to all these questions, but it was a starting point for many college students who live in a bubble of schoolwork, parties, part time jobs, and sleep.


Joey Mensah, Class of 2015 at Babson College