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Animation is also Art

By Andres Riofrio;  The greatest misconception about art is what is considered art. Currently, in order to be an artist you have to be a musician, a painter, a sculpture, a dancer, or something along those lines. You are not considered to be an artist if you are a film animator, a 3D modeler or a virtual designer. However, that is a weak and limiting definition of art.
Art is about creating something unique, it’s about expressing your view of the world in a different way. So, why is animation not widely considered to be an art form? When someone animates something they are creating something new and creative. Animation requires as much creativity as it does technical skill. Take for example the films Hugo, and Disney’s animated films. The majority of the work for the films was all done on a computer. Sure, there was story writing and artist drawings of the scenes, but creation of the characters, sets and environments was mostly done through using a CPU.

"The Animation Process" by Osato-kun (deviant

“The Animation Process” by Osato-kun (deviant

The animators created something new. They created a character and gave life to it by using computers. It took someone hours simply to create Hugo’s eyes. Who ever animated and designed Mufasa’s death in the lion king, probably spent days thinking about the colors and the proper movement in order to bring that heart felt scene to life.
Art does not have to be limited to the fine arts. Art is anything that comes into existence through someone’s creativity and work. What is considered art should not be limited to the “classical” arts per se.


Animation being used in the Amazing Spiderman

Amazing animation by Charlex

Andres Riofrio, Class of 2016 at Babson College